Managing Select TECENTRIQ Adverse Reactions

Recommendations from the TECENTRIQ Prescribing lnformation 1

No dose reduction for TECENTRIQ is recommended. In general, withhold TECENTRIQ for severe (Grade 3) immune-mediated adverse reactions. Permanently discontinue TECENTRIQ for life-threatening (Grade 4) immune-mediated adverse reactions, recurrent severe (Grade 3) immune-mediated reactions that require systemic immunosuppressive treatment, or an inability to reduce corticosteroid dose to 10 mg or less of prednisone or equivalent per day within 12 weeks of initiating steroids.

In general, if TECENTRIQ requires interruption or discontinuation, administer systemic corticosteroid therapy (1 to 2 mg/kg/day prednisone or equivalent) until improvement to Grade 1 or less. Upon improvement to Grade 1 or less, initiate corticosteroid taper and continue to taper over at least 1 month. Consider administration of the other systemic immunosuppressants in patients whose immune-mediated adverse reactions are not controlled with corticosteroid therapy.

  • This information should not be a substitute for the treating physician's professional medical judgment and should be individualized for the patient
  • Side effects may be reported to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or or to Genentech at 1-888-835-2555

Any adverse reactions that require management different from the general guidelines above are summarized in the following tabs. For more information, please refer to the TECENTRIQ Prescribing Information.

Immune-Mediated Pneumonitis

Immune-Mediated Colitis

Immune-Mediated Hepatitis (with no tumor involvement of the liver)

Immune-Mediated Hepatitis (with tumor involvement of the liver*)

Immune-Mediated Endocrinopathies

Immune-Mediated Nephritis with Renal Dysfunction

Immune-Mediated Dermatologic Adverse Reactions

Other Immune-Mediated Adverse Reactions

Infusion-Related Reactions

ALT=alanine aminotransferase; AST=aspartate aminotransferase; DRESS=drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms; HCC=hepatocellular carcinoma; SJS=Stevens-Johnsons syndrome; TEN=toxic epidermal necrolysis; ULN=upper limit of normal.
*If AST and ALT are less than or equal to the ULN at baseline, withhold or permanently discontinue TECENTRIQ based on the recommendations for hepatitis with no liver involvement. For patients with HCC, please see the Adverse Reaction Profile.