The first and only FDA-approved cancer immunotherapy combination to improve survival:

Unprecedented Overall Survival With TECENTRIQ + Carbo/Etop for 1L ES-SCLC

30% reduction in the risk of death vs placebo + carbo/etop 2

  • Median follow-up: 13.9 months 5

Select Important Safety Information

Serious and sometimes fatal adverse reactions occurred with TECENTRIQ treatment. Warnings and precautions include immune-mediated serious adverse reactions, including pneumonitis, hepatitis, colitis, endocrinopathies, and other immune-mediated adverse reactions. Other warnings and precautions include infections, infusion-related reactions, and embryo-fetal toxicity.

Adding TECENTRIQ to carbo/etop significantly improved median PFS 2

  • 5.2 months median PFS vs 4.3 months with placebo + carbo/etop (HR=0.77; 95% CI, 0.62, 0.96; P=0.0170)

ORR was similar between both arms 2,5

  • 60% ORR (95% CI, 53, 67) with TECENTRIQ + carbo/etop vs 64% with placebo + carbo/etop (95% CI, 57, 71)

More than half of patients treated up front with TECENTRIQ + carbo/etop were alive at 1 year 5

The OS rates at 1 year were estimated with the use of Kaplan-Meier methodology for each treatment arm.

1L=first line; carbo/etop=carboplatin/etoposide; CI=confidence interval; ES-SCLC=extensive-stage small cell lung cancer; HR=hazard ratio; ORR=objective response rate; OS=overall survival; PFS=progression-free survival.