The TECENTRIQ Care Guide Provides Helpful Resources for Patients Receiving TECENTRIQ

We’re committed to supporting your HCC patients throughout their treatment journey. We created the TECENTRIQ Care Guide with your patients' needs in mind.

Ways to order the TECENTRIQ Care Guide

 For your patients, refer them to the online patient form

2. For your private practice:

  • You can call the Patient Resource Center at (877) 436-3683, or
  • You can contact a Genentech representative:

The TECENTRIQ Care Guide includes the following resources for patients

Understanding Hepatocellular Carcinoma

An overview of HCC, its symptoms, and options for treating it

Where to Find More Information and Support

A list of external organizations your patients can visit for more support

Clinical Information About TECENTRIQ + Avastin® (bevacizumab)

Results of the TECENTRIQ + Avastin pivotal study in HCC and information on how TECENTRIQ is administered

Help Support Patients Paying for Treatment

Guidance on how Genentech may help your patients get their medicines, regardless of their insurance status

Learn About the Potential Side Effects

A collection of practical tips to help patients manage some of the most common side effects of TECENTRIQ + Avastin

Patient Medication Card

A card to help patients remember their medicines and their healthcare team's contact information

The information offered in the TECENTRIQ Care Guide is not a replacement for seeking the advice of healthcare providers.